2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics

After designing everything from the logo to the on-air graphics for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, this is a recap montage pulling together a good majority of the elements that I created in this exploration. These bright and flashing shapes inspired by Japanese calligraphy are given dynamic, strong motion to match the energy level of the athletes featured throughout the competitions.

Comp 1_00000.png
Comp 1_00001.png
Comp 1_00002.png
Comp 1_00003.png
Comp 1_00004.png
Comp 1_00005.png
Comp 1_00006.png
Comp 1_00007.png
Comp 1_00008.png
Comp 1_00009.png
Comp 1_00010.png
Comp 1_00011.png
Comp 1_00012.png
Comp 1_00013.png